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  • Maria-Teresa Parisotto

International Women’s Day

“Unless we challenge our fears, there will be no change in society, we need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves and must step up as women and lead.”

Today, on March 8, 2021, International Women's Day celebrates the immense appreciation of women's efforts and their achievements in all aspects of life. We believe that, this year, due to state of emergency, the world has been living in for the past year, International Women's Day is now more challenging than ever. Women have been, and are currently, in the centre of the scene, helping, supporting, and steering society towards a more supportive world.


Nursing always was, and still is, considered a woman’s profession, mainly due to the fact that it requires understanding, empathy and providing comfort and compassion. Moreover, it is highly likely that, because of this fact that nurses are mostly women, the nursing profession is so hugely undervalued. However, to underestimate the value of nursing as a profession is a grave misconception. Nursing requires many years of study, master’s degrees, and large amount of hands-on experience, and ultimately, the demanding combination of “compassion with knowledge". Therefore, conversations among nursing staff, employers, regulators, and policy makers are crucial in order to give women and the nursing profession the status and recognition they deserve.



Maria-Teresa Parisotto, Executive Director ESNO

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